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Yung Hanz, Hilary Hans Johnson was born in Warri Feb 18th 1990 and growing up in his neighborhood he was influenced by the older siblings who introduced him to 90s hip hop like Biggie, 2Pac, and Coolio. His favorite song was Gangster’s Paradise and he loved to rap the whole song. As a toddler he was inspired by music from Fela and Bob Marley, listening in Grandfather’s car on road trips to Benin.


Growing up he was drawn to art, music, painting and his favorite activity was drawing comics and he gained some attention from his art. Eventually in high school he entered into a freestyle battle with a student from the senior class while he was a freshman. He lost the contest. However, it ignited a passion in him to write his own music. He had been playing around with the idea for a few years before, but that experience gave him the confidence to further try his hands at rapping.

Throughout high school he was involved in drama and he won an award in his senior year as most talented student. By the time he was in college at Delta State University he kept with his writing but did not pursue music. WIllie Coco introduced Yung Hanz to Producer Ice Touch  who  encouraged  him to record Money on My Mind and Mary J and Things. Eventually, he signed up for a battle against 3 more known Benin rappers and this time he won. His reputation as an artist would continue to grow.


Augustin Omoifo (2 Tek), CEO of Roc-A-Lot Records,  heard his songs at UNIBEN through a mutual friend who played the songs for him. He was signed and then recorded the album Book of Hanz with Ray X and Ice Touch. He gave up school to pursue music full time, doing radio tours, studio interviews and promoting himself in mainly Lagos and Benin. The single from the album Display gained a lot of attention and placed him in the studio working and mingling with artists like Patoranking, Terry G, Freestyle, Wiz Kid, Olamide  early in their career. The song also got him a South South Music Award (SSMA) award for “Best Hip Hop” and “Best New Artist” in 2010. He was also nominated for a couple of Nigerian Music Video Awards (NMVA).


The label dissolved after a tragic fire burned down the studio. He had to come back home to Warri, when he met Erigga and a few up and coming artists. His music was all over the country on radio and TV. He kept working with artists doing collabs to represent his hometown. He was reinspired to promote the positive side of Warri.  Team Delta was recorded to feature a lot of artists from the area produced by Frankie Free and DJ Toxic. The music inspired people in his hometown to rap and make hip hop music. 

The next chapter for Yung Hanz is as an independent artist. He kept recording new music like Big Name (Better Style), The Hook, and Yung He, Good morning, Panda (remix) and most recently the Ep Brand New Me which features a variety of hip hop music that is sure to attract audiences from all over. His new campaign is to clear the misconception and stereotypes surrounding the Southeastern area of Nigeria. Warri has been associated with violence, but Yung Hanz wants to show that people from the Southeastern area of Nigeria are just like everyone else. He wants to show with his music that we are much more connected than we admit.

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